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10 Amazing Blind Painters in the World

10 Amazing Blind Painters in the World

To state the obvious, painting is very much a visual medium, so having sight is pretty important when it comes to working as a painter. But then there are some amazing people who are legally blind, and have painted some incredibly beautiful works that rival the that of artists who can see.Also, it’s important to note that there are a few people on the list who are considered legally blind, which means they do have some vision, but not much. In order to be considered legally blind, someone needs to have 20/200 vision in their best eye. For some perspective, that is just being able to read the big letter “E” on an optometrist’s chart. So while a few of them do have some vision, painting is an incredibly complex process involving shading, color, depth perception, lighting, and many more aspects that wholly rely on the eyes, so overcoming their impairment is still an outstanding feat.

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