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Full Sail Sunset

About Full Sail Sunset original oil painting by Michael A. Williuams
Photo Credit: Brightpoint Galleries

About Full Sail Sunset

"Full Sail Sunset" start off as an experimental painting with some newly discovered water soluble oil paints that didn't interfere with my allergies. At first, I thought the concept would prove to be mushy or the colors would not come out as brilliant as traditional oil paints or would not dry quite well. However, I was proven wrong.  As one can see the painting turned out extremely well and I have utilized this medium for quite sometimes.

"Full Sail Sunset" has not been associated with any series just yet. But, as time progresses and more seascapes are still under production, a new series could be announced soon.
Full Sail Sunset
ArtistMichael A. Williams
Size20 x 30
Medium/Material Oil on Canvas
Year Complete
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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