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What we paint

Origninal Oils Oiiginal Acrylics Original Watercolors Orignial Pen and Ink Drawings Limited Edition Prints

Artist Mattie L. Williams

Artist Mattie L. Williams specializes in painting original acrylics, watercolors and pen and ink

Artist Michael A. Williams

Artist Michael A. Williams specializes in acrylics, oils, pen and ink and watercolors.
At Brightpoint Galleries, we are glad to have you stop by our website and say thank you for your visit.  Brightpoint Galleries is unique in several ways. The artists are mother and son and artist Michael A. Williams is an award winning visually impaired painter. Brightpoint Galleries is a series of galleries under one roof and you will be able to see what we mean when you browse our site. We devide the paintings into various groups according to subject matter . We also encourage you to visit our site on a veekly basis due to new items coming out.
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